۱۰رمضان المبارک۱۴۴۰ھ



Rang-o-Noor (BY SA'DI)

(Shumara: 584)

Allah will announce on the Day of Judgement, "Where are my neighbours?" The angels will say, "Who dares become Your neighbour?" Allah will say, "این عُمَّار المساجد Where are those who populate Masaajid?"
The above Divine tradition, narrated by Hazrat Anas, is called authentic by the traditionists. In a Divine tradition, the Messenger of Allahﷺ tells Allah's dictate with Allah's name. Recite the words of the tradition again, "Those who construct, populate, love and work for Masaajid." Thank Allah that He has called them His own neighbours. Surely, Masjid is Allah's Home. Allah is so Dignified. He grants His close slaves with the capacity to serve His House. He gives them wealth in the world along with capacity to work and makes them construct His House. In lieu of it, He constructs a house for them in the Paradise near Him. Allah needs neither a house nor a home. The house that He gets constructed by His slaves in the world is used by His slaves. Entering that house, the slaves find nearness with Allah, peace and numerous priceless bounties. Then the house that Allah will give us in lieu of it in the Paradise will belong to us. None will dare expel us from there nor trouble us nor raid us nor rob us. There will be neither grief nor death, nor disgrace nor scarcity in that house. Allah has stated the grace of that house in the Paradise. O Allah, give us all our own house!
The Holy Prophetﷺ says, "Allah will construct a house in the Paradise for him who constructs a Masjid for Allah." This is Holy Prophet'sﷺ true promise with his Ummah. The Holy Prophetﷺ says about Masjid, "A house in the Paradise will also be built for the one who constructs a Masjid equal to the nest of a sparrow. It means so small but sincere contribution to the Masjid equal to the sparrow nest. Allah be thanked that He fixed so great reward for us. The Holy Prophetﷺ be thanked that he guided us to a great deed.
Which Is Our Homeland? Let the scientists say what they will because they change their research daily. Whatever is told by the Holy Quran is final that actual home of the humans is the Paradise. That's why; there is no creature like us on the earth otherwise some similarity between Allah's creature is there but it is certain that we are not the people of the earth. Our father Hazrat Adam and mother Hazrat Eve were the people of the Paradise. The Paradise is our real homeland. That's why; whoever is on true nature is fond of the Paradise. We have a secret yearning to go back to our actual homeland. So, we do not feel like living on the earth. We do not feel peace of mind. We have been sent on the earth as passengers. The earth is a trial for us where we are to take the examination and leave it. Then there are two tasks for us. One is path and the other is the destination. The path to the Paradise is very long and hard. It is much farther away than the Moon, the Mars and the skies. Crossing this path, when we reach the Paradise, we shall need our house or destination. Only Paradise is the place worthy of the humans. Every wish of man can be realized in the Paradise only. The path from the earth to the Paradise will become easy for us if we tread Allah's path in the world and invest our lives and property in it. We shall get our house in the Paradise only when we get attached with Allah's House. There are other deeds also due to whose blessings the house in the Paradise is ordained. Allah be thanked that He has attached us with Jihaad in His way in the world and has also attached us with Ka'bah and Masaajid. The shortest path to Allah is Jihaad in the way of Allah. The dearest palace to Allah on the earth is Masjid. The Mujaahideen are running the campaign to construct ten new Masaajid in yearning and fondness for their actual house.
Woman's Achievement: Here I would like to say a point to my Muslim mothers and sisters. Allah has blessed woman with numerous traits. One of her traits is obstinacy as every woman is obstinate i.e. adamant to at her point and ideology: You know that every trait can be used for good as well as evil deeds. Spending wealth is a trait. If this trait is used properly, it is called generosity which is very dear to Allah. If this trait is used for deeds of sin, it is extravagance which is a satanic quality. Woman's obstinacy in good deeds leads her to the heights of faith. Take the example of Hazrat Aassia how she stood firm to faith. If this obstinacy is in evil deeds woman becomes strongest satanic weapons. Take the example of Abu Lahab's wife whose obstinacy led so big family to the hell. It means obstinacy is included in woman's blood and nature. That's why; the Holy Prophetﷺ paid special attention to the correction of women. That's why; the Holy Prophetﷺ wedded so many women to correct them and make them firm at Din and good deeds. This labour proved successful and resolute women who were firm at Islam and Din rendered so good services for Din that even men could not do so. The point is going far away. Let us return to our topic "Which is a Muslim woman's house in the world?" If you think, you will wonder that a Muslim woman has no house in this world. The house where she is born belongs to her parents who are always anxious to get her married as soon as a good match is found and hence send her away from their house. When she goes to another house which belongs to her husband. When she grows old in that house, it goes to the children.
A few women get a house in legacy. But if you think, that house is also not ascribed to her. She herself is also anxious to transfer that house to her children. Why? It is clear that woman is obstinate. She was expelled from the Paradise and she came to the earth. But stubbornness in her tells her to get back her real house i.e. the Paradise. That's why; she does not consider a worldly house her own house because she is resolute as well as dear to Allah. She feels ashamed that she had to leave the Paradise due to her mistake. So she wants to go to the Paradise by pleasing her Lord. As long as she gets her own house in the Paradise, she will not call any house on the earth her own house. Have a look at the following words of Hazrat Aassia رَبِّ ابْنِ لِیْ عِنْدَکَ بَیْتاً فِیْ الْجَنَّۃِ O Lord, get a house constructed for me in the Paradise. These words have become a verse in the Holy Quran.
She did not feel easy in grand castles of Pharaoh wherein rivers would flow and every facility of the world was found but the believing woman was adamant to her stand to acquire her house in the Paradise not that of Pharaoh. Have a look at rooms of the holy wives of the Holy Prophetﷺ how prosperously those queens and princesses of the universe lived in those mud houses and at last their rooms became a part of rooms in the Paradise as they were included in the Masjid Nabvi.
I have also witnessed so many Masaajid in the world which Muslim women got constructed. Even today, wealth of most of Muslim women is expended in the construction of most of Masaajid in Quait and Emirates. Recently, there confronted the case of a Masjid in Egypt. There was a church in front of it. Those people over paid and purchased plots around the church just to hide location of the church. Owing to this policy, the price of plots was raised very high. Then the Muslims planned to purchase the plot adjacent to the Masjid just to stop the onrush of the Christians. As soon as the announcement was made, the Muslims rushed forward, Major part of the subscription belonged to women. A new bride subscribed all her jewellery to it. When she was free of jewellery, she fell in prostration before Allah weeping with delight. The ratio of subscription to Masjid between women and men is 90 and 10. 90% women subscribe and 10% men do so. While talking of that Masjid, let me state two more belief-provoing incidents as addition. When people were making announcement for subscription outside the Masjid, an innocent boy who was going home after buying a pack of curd for him rushed forward in excitement and handed over that pack to invest that in the construction of the Masjid. The people were much impressed. The people of Masjid said, "Who will buy this pack?" One of the individuals offered a huge amount to buy that pack. That amount was included in the fund. Then the buyer of that pack took the child to a side and said, "My son, take this pack of curd and eat it." The child said, "No, not at all. I have donated it to my dear Lord. I can't take it back now." Another incident befell in the same Masjid. A crippled person walking with the help of crutches went to Masjid to establish prayer. Hearing he pronouncement about construction of Masjid, he donated both the crutches and began to walk back home creeping on the land. Witnessing this scene, people began to weep bitterly. Fondness of the Muslims about Masjid is the result of the labour of the Holy Prophetﷺ. While constructing Masjid Nabvi, the Holy Prophetﷺ himself worked as a labourer. He placed the piece of cloth on the earth and began to carry bricks himself. Seeing this, Sahaabah also began to do so and began to rush to work reciting the couplet:
لئن قعدنا والنبی یعمل ذاک لعمر اللّٰہ عمل مضلل
If we sit down and the Holy Prophetﷺ works, by Allah it is a point of great loss.
The above couplet should be recited to those who oppose construction of Masaajid. The true Mujaahideen will also perform the task which the Holy Prophetﷺ and Sahaabah did.
The point under discussion was that the believing woman is adamant to the point that she is to construct her house in her homeland i.e. the Paradise. So, she rejects the castles of Pharaoh and does not hesitate even from the greatest sacrifice. It is stated that when the men of the Paradise go to their palaces, their believing wives will already be standing at the doors of those palaces. The real owner will welcome her husband at the door of their real house in her homeland. Good luck to this sacred resolution of Muslim mothers and Muslim sisters. The campaign for Masaajid works in the organization after a year or two. Allah be praised, dozens of Masaajid have been constructed and populated till now. This year, this campaign is going to start on Wednesday. It is named, "One's Own House". May Allah provide us all with our own house in His vicinity! Let us demand sincerely to subscribe to this campaign for the good pleasure of Allah

لا الہ الا اللّٰہ، لا الہ الا اللّٰہ ،لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

اللہم صل علی سیدنا محمد والہ وصحبہ وبارک وسلم تسلیما کثیرا کثیرا

لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

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