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Message Corner-634

Message Corner

(Shumara 634)

Message (07-03-2018):

May Allah bless us all with perception of the Holy Quran! Both life and the Hereafter become comfortable due to perception of the Holy Quran. I was studying explanation of a few Surahs. One Surah says, "Love for wealth is major crime." The next Surah says, "purify yourself." The next one says, "With pious Self, you can gain the stage of the truthful and link with it with the help of wealth. The Self is corrected and purified by spending wealth." Have you witnessed how wonderful the sequence is! It contains neither hypocrisy of communism nor immodesty of capitalism. It contains neither stoicism nor worldliness. Tempest of oppression has begun to blow at the Muslims of Sri Lanka after Burma. May Allah bless the Muslim Ummah with might, power, headquarters and general Jihaad! Every Muslim state says that Jihaad is lawful only with her permission. Why does a state make pronouncement to wage Jihaad when the Muslim Ummah is oppressed anywhere? Allah be praised that the Holy Quran gives the Muslims the perception for Jihaad. Every Muslim should strive to understand the Holy Quran. This is the Book of life! This is the Book of the Hereafter! This is the Book of salvation! This is the Book of Health! This is the Book of Honour! Friday with Maghrib. Beauty Contest and weekly task are welcomed. Goodbye.


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