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Message Corner-586

Message Corner

(Shumara 586)

Message (22-03-17):

Allah has great Grace. The competition yesterday was ideal one. Allah has made provisions for three more Masaajid in one day's labour. ماشاء الله لا قوۃ الا بالله Hazrat Umar is smiling in my imagination. The lovers of Din are wonderful people. O my dear! May Allah bless you with forgiveness, mercy, good reward and your own house! Provisions for more than fourteen Masaajid have been made in fourteen days' labour. All this is Allah's grace. Azan will resound regularly at fifteen places. There will be Allah's Zikr for billions of times and thousands of prostrations daily. Babari Masjid will also come back due to their blessings if Allah wills. Tomorrow Friday we shall observe fast as gratitude to Allah and establish supererogatory prayers. If there is not Allah's grace, we cannot construct even a single Masjid all our lives. Tomorrow, we shall supplicate for the predominance of the Muslim Ummah, release of the captive companions and Dr. Aaffia, revival of Islamic Emirates, liberation of Kashmir, absolution of those who subscribed and laboured for the campaign "One's Own House" forgiveness and correction of our parents and children, release of the oppressed Muslims, complete faith, enviable death, capacity for our own house. Goodbye.

Message (26-03-17):

We are for Allah and we are to return to Allah. This world is not the place to live in. Dear Brother Maamoon Iqbal has died. May Allah bless him with the position of Shuhada and forgiveness! He was my cousin, administrator of the "Jaamiah As-Saabir, and good teacher at teaching verses on Jihaad. His funeral prayer will be held at 9 pm at Bahawalpur if Allah wills. The neighbouring people should attend the funeral but the others should convey him presents of reward. Goodbye.

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