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Message Corner-585

Message Corner

(Shumara 585)

Message (14-03-17):

Allah's saint Hazrat Memoon bin Mehraan said to his friend, "Whenever I give charity, my wealth is multiplied." Rising from there, his friend gave some charity but his wealth was not multiplied. He explained this situation to Hazrat Memoon bin Mehraan who said, "I do this with complete faith in Allah whereas you make experiments and test Allah." It is certain that jobs are done due to certainty. Whoever pays Zakat with certainty, gives charity and shows kindness to the relatives; Allah multiplies his wealth. A few days ago, a very sincere and dear friend informed me that the amount of his Zakat would be doubled that year if Allah wills. It means his wealth was doubled as he paid Zakat happily. Allah be praised that He has made provisions for five Masaajid under "One's Own House" campaign. Provisions for the sixth will be made by this night. Fifth Masjid will be constructed in Bajorre Agency. Masaajid are going to be constructed at so far off places. The surgeons of the department of cupping (Al-Hijaamah) also deserve congratulations as provision for one Masjid in present campaign has been made due to their labour. Goodbye لا الہ الا اللہ محمد رسول اللہ

Message (15-03-17):

May Allah protect us against darkness, terror, awe and punishment in the grave! Some sincere companions have drawn a footage (free of fictures of the living creatures) of Masjid Subhaan Allah. Casting a glance at this captivating and charming Masjid, I thought of the individuals when those who constructed this Masjid on the soil and worked for its population sincerely will also become guests of the soil, how earth will welcome them. O brothers and sisters! This earth is a living creature, sensitive, keeper of record, bearer of the passions of love and hatered. Its memory is retentive and words are true. It keeps the data of every deed and will bear witness on the Day of Judgement. We are to get buried in it after death. When we fill this earth with Masaajid, prostrations and virtues, it is overjoyed. When we sow seeds of sin and oppression on it, it is heated to its bottom. Be sure, these points are absolutely true. Allah has made provisions for six Masaajid under the campaign, "One's Own House." Third Masjid will be constructed in Kamalia, District Toba Teksingh. O loves of Din, witness Allah's assistance at this campaign. This is a very sacred campaign. It should not be that this campaign comes to an end and someone misses contributing to it. Such chances arise very rarely. Put in hard labour. It seems that the campaign will achieve its target in a day or two. Goodbye لا الہ الا اللہ محمد رسول اللہ

Message (16-03-17):

Allah's mercy is very vast. Once a king resolved to get a complete Masjid constructed himself bearing all the expenses. His intention was good to this point but he made a mistake at the next stage as he resolved not to let any other else participate in any activity. This intention was false. The Masjid was constructed. The king's name was inscribed at the door. At night, the angels erased the king's name and inscribed an old woman's name at the door. It came to be known that she had provided water to an animal that brought goods for the Masjid. The sequence of Masaajid campaign is that subscription is being collected now. Then it will be transferred to the headquarter. Then it will be divided at ten Masaajid. An administrator will be appointed at the construction of every Masjid. There will be a supervisory committee. Then construction will start rapidly if Allah wills. Whoever contributes with any intention will be rewarded through Allah's vast mercy. Someone intends to spend this amount on all the Masaajid. Someone intends that the front mats may be constructed with his amount. Allah knows the intentions of all. My intention is, "May Allah accept all with what He has granted me with the capacity to subscribe. Then I don't bother whether Mehrab, Masjid, or ablution place is constructed with it. This is present which is more dignified than charity. And a present is presented not with conditions but being steeped in love. Friday with Magrib. Beauty Contest and deed of Aayat-ul-Kursiy should be kept in mind. Goodbye. لا الہ الا اللہ محمد رسول اللہ

Message (17-03-17):

Allah's mercy is unlimited. The intention to get a Masjid constructed all alone is a sign of courage and love for Allah. But the intention to ban all those who want to subscribe to it is not commendable because such a person thinks that his reward will decrease and divide. He considers Allah's mercy limited. On the other hand, if he lets others participate in it happily, his reward will multiply because he considers Allah's mercy vast and does good to others. Allah be praised that He has made full provisions for seven Masaajid under the campaign "One's Own House." Some provision for the 8th one has also been made. Seventh Masjid will be constructed in Mailsi and the 8th in Dir Bala if Allah wills. One mat for Rs. 8000 means that construction of a Masjid has been divided on 500 parts and one part costs Rs. 8000/-. It does not mean a specific mat. It can't be so at all. Foundations, roofs, walls, floors, doors, ablution places, washrooms, electricity, tiles, loud speakers, fans etc. all are to be bought. Arrangement for water is to be made. Allah be praised, a grand Masjid is built on an open plot under the system of honesty and supervision. Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar! Goodbye لا الہ الا اللہ محمد رسول اللہ

Message (18-03-17):

Allah is All-Powerful over everything ان اللہ علی کل شئ قدیر . Allah does what He wills فعال لما یرید Allah is the Master of everything سبحان الذی بيده ملكوت كل شئ. Allah is All-Powerful نعم القادر اللہ. Every good deed is done due to capacity granted by Allah وما توفيقی الا بالله عليه توكلت. Only that deed which is done for the sake of Allah subsists ماعندكم ينفذ وما عند الله باق. Allah is Watchful over everything ان اللہ علی كل شئ حفيظ. Allah be praised that He has made provision for 8.50 Masaajid in ten days' campaign. Eighth Masjid will be constructed in Surbaat Barawal, Dir Balla and ninth will be constructed in Thall Kamraat, Kohistan if Allah wills. It means arrangement for only 750 prayer mats is required. Today, the report on Saturday has not yet been received. Possibly, this campaign comes to an end today or continues for a day or two ذلك فضل الله يوتيه من يشاء. Allah has great Grace.والله ذو الفضل العظيم. O Muslims, demand Allah's grace and favour واسئلوا الله من فضله..اللهم انا نسئلك من فضلك و رحمتك..اللهم انا نسئلك من فضلك العظیم. Goodbye لا الہ الا اللہ محمد رسول اللہ

Message (19-03-17):

Only the wise sagacious individuals spend in the way of Allah. The devil always frightens us saying, "Wealth will be lost. You will grow poor. How will you spend your old age?" The unwise people are duped in by the devil whereas the wise spend their wealth in the way of Allah, embellish their house in the Hereafter and even get their wealth multiplied by Allah. It is everyone's own lot. Some people eat their wealth whereas wealth eats away some people. A few people get benefit from wealth whereas most of people are just troubled and pained due to their wealth. Their wealth makes them servants, disgraced slaves and watchmen. Allah be praised that he Has made provisions for nine Masaajid under "One's Own House" campaign. More than 100 mats have also been subscribed for tenth Masjid also, which will be constructed in Rustam, Mardan, if Allah wills. Now, amount for only 375 mats is required. If all the devoted workers of Lahore go to a Masjid, establish two Rak'at prayer devoutly and seek help from Allah, they will also acquire the best plot and their Masjid will be constructed in this campaign if Allah wills. They have two days' time. Tuesday will be the last day of the campaign. On that day, there will be a grand competition for conveying reward to Hazrat Umar, the Shaheed of Mehrab, if Allah wills. Goodbye لا الہ الا اللہ محمد رسول اللہ


May Allah unlock the seals of our hearts with His grace! The Holy Quran tells us that the hearts are sealed. Man is not an ordinary thing. He is Allah's vicegerent on the earth. When the seal of the heart is unlocked, man crushes down even the mountains and oceans. If the seal at the heart is not removed, man wastes himself by becoming discouraged, greedy, stingy and cruel. Have a look at Hazrat Umar who is a very large-hearted Muslim. He conquered Masjid Aqsa and filled Allah's land with Masaajid and justice. I recall Hazrat Umar much during the sacred campaign "One's Own House". May Allah bless us all with his beneficence and link! The Satan is still afraid of his name. Lethargy and negligence run away at his name. He is loyal to Allah, true sincere companion of the Holy Prophet ﷺ, living example of openness of heart, standard of sincerity, embodiment of valour and Jihaad, collection of light, lover of Masaajid, representative of Din with pious heart and good nature. Allah be praised that He has got the target of campaign realized in twelve days. Tomorrow, Tuesday will be the last day of the campaign. There will be a very hard, tough but grand contest between the workers. The reward of this sincere campaign will be dedicated to Hazrat Umar. O Allah open the seals of our hearts due to his blessings! Goodbye لا الہ الا اللہ محمد رسول اللہ

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