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Message Corner-655

Message Corner

(Shumara 655)

Message (06-08-18):

Who are those whose buyer is Allah. These are the people who get killed in the way of Allah. There are so many Shuhada but the killed ones hold a very high position. That's why; the Holy Prophet ﷺ has said, "I want to get killed in the way of Allah not once but again and again. I want to be mutilated and chopped." How delightful is this thing! O Allah, shower Your grace on us also. Make the sessions of conveying reward great persuasion to Jihaad and make the skins of sacrificial animals a great source of Jihaad. It will convey great reward to the Shuhada. Hold big assemblages and sessions. There should be recitation of the Holy Quran, Zikr, Istighfaar and Durood in them, deliver speeches, note down your intentions and those of others. Consult well and hold sessions on Tuesday not making them ceremonies. Work hard shedding sweat. When sweat falls, capacity for giving blood is also generated. There will be reward conveying to ten Shuhada on tomorrow Tuesday. Then on Thursday will be for nine Shuhada and a few deceased ones of the organizations. Their names will be published in the message tomorrow. Goodbye لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

Message (09-08-18):

May Allah protect us against loss because every human is in loss. The time bears witness to it that whether a king or a billionaire, a common leader or a popular leader; all are in a loss. The lives of all those are useless and devoid of success but those who believe and do good deeds and persuade to truth and patience and those who sacrifice all their goods for the sake of Allah, acquire big success. Life is to be lost one day but the lives of those are confirmed who lay down for His sake. They are alive. Wealth is to be lost one day or the other but those who give their wealth to Him become owners of estates which will never go waste. The Shuhada who get killed in the way of Allah have their speciality. Some of them have link with Badr, some with Uhud and some others with Bai'r of Ma'oonah and others that of Hazrat Khubaib. The Shuhada have their own unimaginable world. What should frogs of the well know about the vastness fo the ocean? The dwellers in the small world can't perceive the world of Shuhada. Today is also the day of conveying reward to Shuhada. Whoever has yearning, should demand Shahaadat for himself and for me today which will be their great favour. Friday with Maghrib. Beauty Contest is welcomed. Goodbye لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

Message (12-08-18):

Allah is One. Allah be praised that a great month has started; the month of Hajj, Arafaat and the day of Arafah, the month of Takbeeraat, sacrifice, fasting, ten better nights, ten better days, the month of greatnesses, mercies and sanctities, the last month of lunar year; the month of Zul-Hajjah and Eid-ul-Azha; the month that carries the value of deeds to the sky and elevates man. اللہ اکبر اللہ اکبر لا الہ اللہ واللہ اکبر، اللہ اکبروللہ الحمد The pilgrims be alert. Purify your hearts, and those who are to sacrifice animals should be large-hearted and those who are to observe fast should make arrangements for it. Those who are to slaughter sacrificial animals should remove their extra hair and pare their nails. Zul-Hajjah will start with Maghrib. There will be dearness in the shares of deeds in the market; the dearness to whom Ramazan will also look with envy. Most of the people are negligent of the excellences of Zul-Hajjah. Study the book "The Best Days in This World." Those who have studied it are very happy that they have laid hands on a big treasure. Now the delights of first ten days of Zul-Hajjah are great. May Allah instil faith in our hearts granting us with the capacity to find and earn these days! Make it your daily routine to supplicate for Mujaahideen and pilgrims. Goodbye لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

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