۱۰رمضان المبارک۱۴۴۰ھ



Rang-o-Noor (BY SA'DI)

(Shumara: 601)

We seek refuge with Allah against polytheism because when it becomes deep-rooted, all the deeds are destroyed and the hope for forgiveness vanishes. O Allah, protect us against polytheism and death in state of polytheism, develop hatred against polytheism! If we, the Muslims, do not supplicate thus in the morning and the evening, we are not satisfied. The supplication is as under: اَللّٰھُمَّ اِنِّیْ اَعُوْذُ بِکَ مِنْ اَنْ اُشْرِکَ بِکَ شَیْئًا وَّ اَنَا اَعْلَمُ بِہٖ وَ اَسْتَغْفِرُکَ لِمَا لَا اَعْلَمُ بِہٖ O Allah bless us with protection and shelter against committing polytheism knowingly and bless us with forgiveness against committing polytheism unknowingly." You are requested to read the lines above again and again and inculcate and imprint them on the mind. Let us move to a few essential points:
The Worst Enemy:- The Holy Quran tells us that the worst enemy of the Muslims are the Jews and the Polytheists. All the battles of the Holy Prophet ﷺ were fought against them. Those whom the Holy Quran calls our enemies cannot be our friends and well-wishers. Keep this in mind that the power of the Jews is flourishing in Israel and those of the Polytheists in India.
The Best Muslim:- Understand a point please. The Polytheists are worst enemies of Islam but when a Polytheist embraces Islam sincerely, he becomes the best Muslim. Same is the case with the Jews. Having a look at the age of the Holy Prophet ﷺ, we should analyse, "To which religion were the Sahaabah loyal before embracing Islam?" But how great Muslims they became when they gave up polytheism and recited the Kalmah Tayyaibah. Why does it become so? Why does a Polytheist become the best Muslim after embracing Islam? The point needs to be grasped but it is detailed. Today, we cannot write on this topic because if we start writing on this topic, we shall deviate from actual topic.
The Best Masses:- Reading the history of India, one question strikes the young Muslims, "Why did the Muslim conquerors and kings of India not extirpate the Hindus? Let go amorous King Akbar, discouraged Jahangir and mild Shahjahan but why did Aurangzeb not do this wonder?" He was neither amorous, nor discouraged nor mild. He was scholar of Din, compiler of the Holy Quran and Allah's saint brave Mujaahid and a muscular powerful conqueror who was brave, God-fearing, Monotheist, observer of fast, devotee at nights and a dignified person. Debauchery dare not come near him. Sword was his love, Jihaad was his wild passion and the battlefield was his intoxication and place of delight. Our illiterate column writers write ever new points against Aurangzeb Alamgir. We are pained to hear those points. He was not at all killer of his brothers. His brothers themselves fell a prey to their own wishes. The followers of Sikh religion are worst enemies of Aurangzeb Alamgir because their pride-worthy and bravest Goru was killed by Alamgir but the Sikhs still own Alamgir's spiritual might. He was a real Muslim king that people like him are born after centuries. But the question is "Why did Alamgir not extirpate the Polytheists whereas he ruled over the whole present day Pakistan and entire India and Afghanistan for more than fifty years?" The answer is, "The subdued Polytheists i.e. Hindus are the best masses, the best slaves and the best servants who are loyal, hardworking, mild and meek and ever ready to serve." If you don't believe in my point, have a look at the working Hindus in the Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and other countries. The people there employ the Hindus on priority basis because if they are surgeon doctors and you are to get the gutter of your house cleaned, they get ready to do so at once for ten Riyal only whereas the Muslim doctor will not consent to do so even for one thousand Riyal. I happened to visit many Arab countries. Seeing the meek, submissive Hindus there, I can't believe that those people are persecuting the Muslims in Kashmir, that they have dismantled the Babari Masjid and that they ignite disruptions in India to kill the Muslims. An Arab invited me to lunch. His servant was an Indian. When I was wondered, he said, "They are available on cheap rates. Only one individual does the job of so many. They do not feel ashamed of doing any job. They always obey submissively." Then I recalled the roaring and thundering assemblages in India who colour the water of the rivers with the Muslim blood. Actually, the Polytheist is very distinctive by nature. He is the person of the Satan and changes sides and guises suddenly. Our conqueror rulers fought the confronting Rajas and Maharajahs but what they could do with the meek, submissive people who were ever-bowing, ever-afraid, ever-obeying, ever-yielding and ever-trembling with fear. Their sword is also modest, respectable and principled like the Muslim. It considers it beneath its dignity to work at the bowing, submissive, trembling necks. Hence, the Muslim conquerors ruled over them peacefully and the Hindus remained their best masses. When the British came into India, they changed Dhoti of the Barahman into a waist-cloth and brought him to the arena. Then the RSS came into being, then the terrorist organizations came into being from its filthy lap one after the other.
The Worst Rulers: The Idolater Polytheist is actually the worshipper of the Satan. When he resumes power, he becomes the worst ruler, the worst oppressor and the worst cheat. Apparently, he is a vegetarian but he becomes the bitterest serpent. He makes the Monotheists and the Muslims the target of his life and dreams of wiping out Islam like the Satan. What was the condition of Peninsula Arabia when the Polytheists of Makkah and Peninsula Arabia were its rulers? There was bloodshed at every step, cries of the girls buried alive, wine dripping from every mouth and every house was the center of fornication, cruelty. Oppression ruled the supreme. Peninsula Arabia, the heart of the universe, was in so worst state that no civilized nation was willing to settle there. Everyone presented the Arabs as examples of vices. Same is the situation of India today. You will feel nausea if I state the ignorance, ill-smell, filth, immodesty, oppression, cruelty and ferociousness there. There is wine in every mouth, word of abuse on every lip and nets of lust for wealth, lie, fraud, immodesty and oppression.
Alas! the Indian Muslims are under great disaster today; the Muslims who were rulers till yesterday! These days, they are a prey to the oppressions of apes, monkey and pigs. BJP which is the essence of ninety years hardwork of RSS and Modi who is the combination of all wickednesses are rulers there. Neither is there any place of emigration for the Indian Muslims nor is there any Muslim country or ruler in the neighbourhood who may be anxious for them. The present day rulers of Pakistan are deep in love with India. Where should the Indian Muslims go in this situation?
Understand Divine Sequence: The Indian Muslims should go nowhere. They are the real residents of India and her past and future rulers. They should do two things. First, they should become staunch conscious Muslims, revive their faith by reciting Kalimah Tayyibah, repent of Polytheism and sins, believe in the five obligations of Islam i.e. Prayer, Fasting, Hajj, Zakat and Jihaad in the way of Allah truly making these five pillars the object of their lives. Second, understand the Divine sequence. We Muslims are beaten everywhere. The reason is that we have been trying to upset Allah's sequence. We say that we shall follow Allah's Din if Allah blesses us with might, place to live, weapons, equipments, resources and angels whereas Allah has stated the following sequence, "O Muslims, step forward to help Allah's Din, then Allah will bless you with might, power, equipments, assistance, angels and everything. اِنْ تَنْصُرُوااللّٰہَ یَنْصُرْکُمْ
This is true sequence and true promise. The Holy Prophet ﷺ and Sahaabah set no condition in the battle of Badr. They reached an uneven place unarmed to help Allah's Din. Then Allah showed the scenes of help that humans were wonder-struck. This same has been going on in every organization and will continue the same ever since Badr.
If the Indian Muslims also take courage and stop considering to lead log lives their success, Allah's help shall surely come down. There is no scope for any doubt in it. For how long will they try to prove their patriotism and beg for their lives? Stop justifications but start working. Allah is with the believers.
Don't Be Intoxicated: Modi has just come back after visiting a Jew. History bears witness that whenever the Polytheists and the Jews make alliances and conspire against the Muslims, the days of their own disgrace also start. If you study the history around the battle of Ahzaab and Bani Quraizah, you will blurt out, "Congratulations to the Muslims on Modi's visit to Israel."
Modi and Yogi are, actually, intoxicated in their might and support in the world. This intoxication on their part will soon become their headache if Allah wills. Restlessness among the Indian Muslims is increasing and passion for Jihaad is also arising in them rapidly. When the Muslim youth arises to take revenge of their Shuhada and killed ones and launches an operation, a hidden help and might is included in their operations. Now the relaliative Jihaad whom Allah calls Intisaar has not remained needy of traditional weaponry. Now, there is no need of any bomb, bullet shot, gunpowder, gun, rocket launcher or training. People launch big operations with the help of cars, electricity, petrol, fertilizers, grains of sand and pesticides. Modi and Yogi should not remain intoxicated. Their oppressions have pushed the button of the Intisaar. Now, there is no need any instigator nor any master mind. Their oppressions are going to come back to them soon if Allah wills.

لا الہ الا اللّٰہ، لا الہ الا اللّٰہ ،لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

اللہم صل علی سیدنا محمد والہ وصحبہ وبارک وسلم تسلیما کثیرا کثیرا

لا الہ الا اللّٰہ محمد رسول اللّٰہ

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